Niva Air Curtains


About Us

From 1984 until now, Kolcu Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. provides service to customers in heating, ventilating and air conditioning sector.

Niva Air Curtians win consumer approval and trust with high quality domestic production air curtains, continue to increase production capacity yearly by becoming industry leading with sale and after sale services.


Our Vision

Maintain the leadership on air curtain production, become a world’s leading brand by adopting correspond technological progress.

Our Mission

To be a stable growing company by offering environmentally friendly, reliable, competitive and affordable products without compromising our understanding of quality.steady growth company. making no concessions to quality perceptive.

Our Values

Honesty; follow the ethical rules,

– Respect for people and ideas; To value our employees, suppliers and customers,

– Customer Focus; To understand and meet customer requests correctly,

– Adding value to our customers with our quality products,

– Being innovative; Learning innovations, striving to do better,

– To respect the environment; It is to design working conditions and products in a way that will not harm nature and the environment, to create awareness and raise awareness in our employees.

Our Quality Policy

As Kolcu Dış Tic. Ltd. Sti. Our most important policy is to deliver the best quality to our customers by fulfilling the requirements of quality standards and adapting to continuous developments.