Niva Air Curtains

Revolving Door With HeaterNiva Hava Perdesi

Revolving Door Air Curtain with Heater

* Max. installation height: 3.5m
* Horizontal mounting
* Temperature Adjusment: 3 stages

Provides quite and effective shielding on frequently or constantly open doors where people circulation is too high. Help to protect the condition air (heated or cooled air) in the place.

Different color options are available suitable to the the color of the revolving door. It may be producted stainless steel upon request.

Blows up to 3.5 meter effectively by high temperature resistant cross flow blower which made by special policarbon mixture.

It has three-stage thermal power adjustment with serpentine tube resistances in its case, thus comfort in the space is maintained even in harsh weather conditions.

The air curtain has an easy usage with wired control and remote control.

Max fixable width & heigh varies to the dimensions of the revolving doors.

Areas of Usage: Factory, Hotel, Bank,  Shopping Mall, Hospitals, Airport,Health center, School, Restaurant, Cafe, and company entances