Niva Air Curtains

Turbo Special Industrial Type Niva Hava Perdesi

Turbo Special Industrial Type Air Curtain without Heater

Turbo Special Industrial Type Air Curtain without Heater 

  • Max. installation height: 12.0m
  • Horizontal mounting
  • Insullation width: 1.0m
  • Ambient air

It is suitable for use in warehouses with an installation height of more than 6.0 meters, factory doors and warehouse doors with high air current problems.

The galvanized steel structured casing construction is completed with a standard white colored RAL9016 epoxy-polyester painted front cover. Alternative color options can be produced upon request.

Blows up to 12.0 meters effectively by special policarbon mixture cross flow blower.

The air curtain has an easy usage with wired control and remote control.

*Maximum insullation height varies depending on facility and special details.

Areas of Usage: Factory, warehouse, delivery and hangar doors (especially doors higher than 6 meters)