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Ensuring customer satisfaction in areas such as restaurants, cafes and patisseries where people gather to have a pleasant time depends on the comfortable environment provided as well as the service provided.

Maintaining the ambient temperature in cold storage and freezer rooms is very important in terms of cost. Even if the doors are kept closed or plastic strips are used to keep the ambient air constant at the desired temperature, efficient results cannot be obtained in places where entrance and exit are frequent. Niva Air Curtains prevent the entry of air at different temperatures and humidity, save energy by protecting the ambient air.

In factories and warehouses, wide and high doors are needed for order acceptance, shipment and forklift and vehicle entrances and exits at such high doors. While sectional, spiral and folding doors are generally preferred, this transition area leaves the indoor environment of the facility vulnerable to external air difference, smoke, exhaust, pests and birds.

Official Institutions, which act as a bridge between the state and the public, host hundreds of visitors during the day with their dozens of employees. In these areas where there is intense human circulation, it is very important to maintain the indoor temperature and to ensure the continuity of fresh air. For this purpose, air conditioning systems are carefully selected and installed.

It is very important to configure the air conditioning and ventilation systems correctly in order to protect human health and ensure comfort in crowded indoor spaces such as shopping malls and stores. Niva Air Curtains, on the other hand, offer effective solutions to ensure the continuity of this quality and comfortable air.

It is very important to keep the indoor air quality and temperature stable for students and teachers in institutions such as universities, high schools, private teaching institutions, kindergartens. Niva air curtains create an invisible air barrier at gym, canteen, library and all other school entrances and provide permanent solutions especially in terms of protecting the ambient temperature.

In health centers and hospitals, in addition to the vital importance of indoor ventilation, it is equally important that the clean air inside the facility is sanitary and stable. Niva Air Curtains; It serves this purpose by preventing the entry of dust, smoke, exhaust, pests and other harmful substances from outside.

Ventilation systems are of great importance in providing quality and healthy air for employees and customers. Ventilation systems, which are very costly to invest and use, lose the desired temperature and quality with the doors left open. Niva Air Curtains provide energy savings by minimizing this loss.

Gün içerisinde yüzlerce yolcu/ziyaretçi kabul eden havaalanı, otobüs terminalleri ile tren istasyonları yolcuların konfor ve sağlığını düşünmek zorundadır. Yoğun insan sirkülasyonu nedeniyle sıkça açılan veya tüm gün açık kalan kapılar, dış ortam havası ile iç ortam havasının birbirine karışmasına sebep olur.

Sağlık merkezleri ve hastanelerde tesis içi havalandırma hayati önem taşımasının yanı sıra tesis içi temiz havanın sıhhi ve istikrarlı olması bir o kadar önemlidir. Niva Hava Perdeleri; toz, duman, egzoz, haşere ve diğer zararlı maddelerin dışarıdan girişine engel olarak bu amaca hizmet vermektedir.